New MUGA at Bullamoor Park

In 2020 one of NTC’s main parks and open spaces, Bullamoor Memorial Park underwent some major developments after years of discussions and plans. With the work of Matthew Day at Streetscape a brand new MUGA was placed in the park complete with a fenced basketball court and gym equipment. This will accompany the play area which saw the installation of new inclusive play equipment in 2017.

The project was a lengthy process with numerous meetings with Matthew and Friends of Bullamoor Park Group representative Claire Hutchinson, a local resident that has lived in the area for many years. NTC was keen to hear from the local group on what improvements were to be made which also included increased CCTV surveillance and added street lighting creating a more secure and safe environment for residents walking through the park at night.  We are so pleased with the outcome of the plans which now offers facilities for all age groups especially the 13-17 age bracket.

Thank you to all involved including Matthew Day at Streetscape, Friends of Bullamoor Park Group, Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire Police.