Avenue of Community Fruit Trees

On Friday 11th March, the 70th day of the 70th year of the reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Northallerton Town Council joined many other organisations nationwide in planting trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.  

As Applegarths name is derived from the Old Norse apaldr ‘apple tree’ + gar{dh}r ‘enclosure’, it was the perfect location to position an avenue of fruit trees including plums, pears and of course apples, along with Rowan and Hazel. 

Cllr Paul Cornfoot, Deputy Mayor, completed the planting and offered thanks to the Rotary and Community Garden volunteers who worked with the Town Councils Amenities Team on the project.  

Cllr Cornfoot expressed his hopes that, over the coming years, residents of the area will enjoy sharing the fruit from these trees and fresh produce from the upcoming community garden.