Jubilee Tea Party

Local residents are invited to nominate someone in our community who has been their hero to join the Mayor of Northallerton and other guests at a celebratory Jubilee Tea Party during the afternoon of Sunday 5th June 2022. 

Northallerton Town Council wants to recognise people in our local community who have, at any point throughout the Queen’s reign, helped, supported and been instrumental to the wellbeing of Northallerton residents. 

Nominations are now open so please either visit our Facebook or Instagram pages or follow the link for the nomination form. We can also print a copy of the form for you if you need one. 

Councillors are also encouraging any local community groups wishing to organise a “Jubilee Big Lunch” in the Applegarth to come forward. The Town Council would be keen to support these, so please contact our team if you’re ready to plan a celebratory get together.