Transport Event Summary Report


As part of our longer-term engagement with North Yorkshire Council and the move to the appointment of a Mayor for York and North Yorkshire, Northallerton Town Council, jointly with Brompton and Romanby Councils have engaged directly with the public on transport issues facing the town. This was to test the initial views set out in Northallerton Town Council’s document New Local Transport Plan Engagement 8th August 2023 at Appendix i.

On Saturday 10th February 2024 a transport event was held in the Town Hall, the principal objective of which was to help guide the future of transport in Northallerton# and the surrounding area. In addition, and in the shorter term, the information would assist and positively influence the development of the new Local Transport Plan currently being developed by North Yorkshire Council. It should be noted that additional support was provided at the Town Hall event by officers and members from North Yorkshire Council, Hambleton Strollers, Hambleton Community Action and bus user groups.

Prospective candidates for the Mayoral election were invited and 1 attended. This report provides a summary of all comments/suggestions received and proposes a way forward.